Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Better with Time

This post will probably embarrass my husband, so my apologies Stephen, but you shouldn't be so adorable!
The other day I was wearing my grumpy pants, for no apparent reason. I watched Steve change Avery's diaper, and scowled. (Sometimes I could just kick myself.) Anyway, I'm frowning, then Steve started to play with Avery. It looked like this.

You know that nursery song, "If you chance to meet a frown do not let is stay, quickly turn it upsidedown and smile that frown away!" As you can guess, this scene in front of me instantly chased my frown away.
I am so blessed to have Steve as my husband and the father of my baby. He makes me so happy. He works so hard and we sure appreciate him.
Its amazing how the more time we are together, the more I realize how lucky I really am. Having Avery has made me fall even more in love with him.
I love watching him interact with Avery. In our ward, I have had several older women approach me and tell me how much they love watching my husband in church when he is holding Avery. Its like nothing else exists in his world besides her. Its adorable.
What is more attractive than a man who happily changes diapers, watches me bathe Avery just because he loves to see how much she loves it, makes dinner when I just can't face the thought of whipping up a meal, helps me clean the house because I'm a slacker, wins the bread for our family, and goes to school at night so he can earn better bread some day? Nothing. The answer is nothing is more attractive than that, but it certainly helps to have a face like his :)

(Sorry this post is so braggy - but its not a crime to be proud and in love with ones' husband, right?)