Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Break

This past week was Steve's fall break, and boy was it needed. It was so nice to spend so much time with Steve (and to have so much of his time to help me with the girls!). We decided to go up to Utah for several days for a couple reasons. 1. General Conference. I have never been to a session of conference in the Conference Center and the timing was perfect, so we went for it. 2. To visit Steve's parents (who live in Ogden), his sister, and a few of Steve's friends. 
While we were at conference, during the Saturday afternoon session, Steve's friend in Bountiful watched our girls for us. After we got back, and "the men" watched the priesthood session, they decided the night could not end without them playing a few songs together. It was just like the good ol' days, except now there are a million kids running around and dancing, and of course an Avery girl with no pants on, naturally.

Sunday was spent relaxing at Steve's parents house and watching the last two sessions of general conference. We pretended it was colder than it actually was outside and turned on the fireplace and drank hot cocoa.
That Monday we drove to Steve's sister's house and met her new little baby daughter, Meena. She was a little sweetie. Then we spent the next few hours playing at a park, where golden leaves kept magically falling from the trees. It was wonderful and made me not want to come back to Arizona.

The park we went to had a small Zoo attached to it, for only a couple bucks too! I know the Phoenix Zoo is all exotic animaled out, but this little zoo was so much more enjoyable for the small kids (and this pregnant woman appreciated how small it was too). 

Two monkeys, looking at monkeys.
Feeding the reindeer. I love Avery's face as he is licking the food off of her hand, classic. 

Is there anything more attractive than a man holding his daughter's hand whilst carrying a diaper bag? I think not. 

Monday was an active day for us. Right after the zoo adventure, we went straight to a trampoline jump house. Seriously, best place ever. Mothers, imagine a place where you can let your children run totally wild, in a really safe place, where they are having the time of their lives, and you just sit on a comfy couch and enjoy the sounds of their laughter. 

On Tuesday we went to a children's museum with Steve's parents. The girls had never been to one before, so it was lots of fun.

That same evening, we said our goodbye's to Steve's parents and drove down to Provo to visit Steve's college friend. We went out to eat (but not before I got "grumpy hungry", unfortunately) to Brick Oven Pizza, and stayed up way too late watching stupid videos on the world wide web.
The next morning, while loading up our car to go back to AZ, Steve's friend noticed that our front left tire was low, then he checked all the other tires and saw that the actual tire belt was showing on our back tires. That's how blow-outs happen, people. So without hesitation we made a quick stop at Wal-Mart and got two new tires and a huge nail removed from our front left tire. We felt so blessed that his friend is a car guy and just naturally looks at these things, because we are obviously not!
The trip home was....long. 12 hours in a car, 7 months pregnant, and a two little girls who tend to be naughty, did not equal fun. 
The rest of the week was spent at home doing house projects, going to "Meet the Mormons" with said naughty girls (we did not get to see the end due to some rather rambunctious behavior), and going to my niece's baptism. Steve is sad he has to go back to work tomorrow, but the dream can't last forever, pal.