Saturday, February 16, 2013

Less Words...More Pictures

I will be short and sweet about this since birth stories aren't all that exciting when everything goes perfectly smooth, which is what we all want to be sure, and it is exactly what happened to me. A boring labor and birth. It was perfectly lovely. 

Basically I was starting to have a panic attack on Sunday (Feb. 3rd) because I was still pregnant, 6 days overdue to be exact. And because February 5th was my deadline to go into labor, or I would go under the knife again and with the remainder of my babies.

After trying what felt like every old wives tale to induce labor, I finally went into labor at 2am on Monday, Feb. 4th. Just in time. I tried like 6 "tricks" that day, so who knows what, if any, worked, but who cares!

The entire time I was laboring I just kept thinking how incredibly grateful I was to be experiencing labor. It was like a dream, the entire 20 hours. Of course, thank goodness for epidurals, holy cow are those things amazing, otherwise the day might not have felt like such a pleasure.

When it came time to push at 9:29pm, I pushed for a whopping 20 minutes and there she was.  It was an incredible experience.  And it helped that my mom shoved a 6 inch subway my way while they were still stitching me up, moms know best :) So there you have it. I went into labor, gave birth, and have two healthy daughters, whom I adore. The end.

Instead of re-posting the hospital pictures I have already posted to facebook, I thought I would do an overload of the pictures I took today that are much more fun to look at. Enjoy you some baby-eye-candy....



  1. Oh my she is cute! I love how wrinkly and squishy newborn babies are! And yay for having to go under the knife again. I bet that's a relief!

  2. she is beautiful! most new borns (including mine) are kind of scary looking, but she is perfect. glad you were able to do it your way.

  3. She is beautiful! Wish I could snuggle that little girl.

  4. Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous baby!! Enjoy every minute!!

  5. Whatever! You may have had a boring labor... but you told me the trauma afterward. Nobody gets to have it TOO boring. I need to come see that baby again.