Friday, August 10, 2012

And the Helmet Comes Off!

We made it! Avery is officially and DOC Band graduate -  we are such proud parents. Actually she has been officially done with her helmet treatments for about two weeks, and unofficially done for about a month.   She learned how to take off her helmet two weeks before the 15 weeks of treatment were up. I'd put the helmet on her, she would promptly unvelcro the side and weasle it off her head in about 5 seconds. So I would put it back on, and she would do it again. I really tried to be diligent, but when you are so close to the end anyway, we figured "what the heck, we'll just be done two weeks early."
We are really glad we decided to put the money and time into this helmet ordeal; although we don't have dramatic results, it definitely helped. We even got a cool souvenir - I mean who has a bust of their child's head when they were 9 months old? Its actually kind of creepy, it looks like we have her head on a stick.
This next one is looking at it from the top down. You can really see how much her head has grown from this picture, her real head fills in those gaps you see.
And the little graduate herself....
I can finally do little pony tails! And her head doesn't smell like a sweaty foot anymore. Good things are happening over here.
In other news, little missy is still not walking - which is actually just fine with me. She crawls everywhere, and usually with something in her mouth...

We sure love our goofball daughter.