Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Dads Will Never Understand

I have an addiction to buying baby clothes and getting great deals, get the two together and it is the perfect storm. The other day I was at Kohls, pretty much hyperventilating with excitement when I discovered they were having and 80% off sale for baby summer clothes, when Steve called. I instantly confessed to him where I was and that I was in TROUBLE with this amazing sale. He then informed me I could only get ONE item. With that news, I looked at my stroller and counted 14 outfits hanging off of it that I could not live without. Using my quick critical thinking skills for a situation so dire, I came up with a solution. My birthday was two weeks ago (I am now a whopping 23!) and Steve's kind parents gave me $$. Just enough to cover the cost of all those beautiful outfits. I told Steve my plan and he was impressed, and sincerely said, "you are so selfless, using your birthday money to buy things for Avery." What dads just don't get is this: The clothes I buy for my baby are to cover her bare skin, yes, but they are REALLY for ME. I don't think I enjoy anything more than buying baby clothes, especially baby GIRL clothes. Here is a snippet of some of the outfits I got from this amazing sale!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trying not to make this a photo blog of my baby...

I'm discovering how very difficult it is to fight the urge to show off my baby at every moment, to everyone! I don't want to jam it down your thoats - but my baby is cute, dang it! Just when I think the "newness" may be wearing off, she changes or does something new. So here is my official apology for all the ensueing pictures that revolve solely around Avery. I'm a little camera happy these days, which is kind of a big deal for me, since I usually take a couple pictures per year. Some recent happenings for us - Avery's blessing was last Sunday, so we had family in town, which was fun. Steve did an amazing job on the blessing, I'm so thankful my mother-in-law wrote it down as he was giving it. That will be fun for Avery to look at when she is older; its fun for me too since I have a horrible memory. (My primary kids can attest to that, I forget the words to the songs I am teaching on a weekly basis, its embarrassing.) Some pictures from the big day......
The Little Dress

The Little Hands The Little Feet The Little Baby

And some more pictures because, lets face it, I just can't stop myself from posting them!

I LOVE this one - she was in the middl eof a yawn, but she just looks crazy cute!