Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lesson in Patience

I am now 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and not exactly happy about it. I apparently have a womb of steel and this little lady inside of me is way too comfortable. I have been 70% thinned out for four weeks now with absolutely no progression - its hard not to be depressed and grumpy. What makes this so much worse is if Little Miss doesn't come on her own by the time I am 41 weeks (heaven forbid I make it to that point) I will most likely have to have another C-Section. That was not the plan, at all. 

I am naive and not really great at researching or asking my doctor questions, so all along I have just assumed if I made it to my due date, I would be induced. Not. Turns out when you are attempting a VBAC you cannot be induced because the Pitocin causes too much stress on the uterus and it is too risky. I got that news last week, and was a little floored. I hate being taken by surprise like that.

I am trying to stay positive by hanging on to the hope that I may go into labor on my own before next Tuesday, and also trying to accept the fact that I may not, and may end of with another C-Section delivery. It makes me really sad to think about the C-Section, not because it was that horrible with Avery because it really wasn't, but because if I have two C-Sections that will be the only way I can deliver from now on and I will never have had a baby. 

It might sound dumb, but I feel like I will be missing out on something if I never deliver a baby normally. I'm just having a hard time accepting what is. Praying for strength, patience, and mostly faith. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nursery Reveal

After months of painting, reupholstering, thrifting, and sewing (lots of sewing) I am relieved to say I am finally done with the new nursery for little Heidi. I have three weeks left to go in this pregnancy, so now I can focus on the little things like washing all of Avery's stains out of the carseat cover, etc...
Anyway, here is what Heidi's room looked like before. I am a little embarrassed to even post this picture because this room was such a disaster. I promise it didn't always look like this, for whatever reason I snapped this picture on a particularly horrible, no good, messy day.
And here is what the dear ol' room looks like now.....

Isn't it lovely? I seriously just like sitting in this room and looking at it throughout the day. I have never decorated a room that I was this pleased with. I did it fairly cheaply too, with the help of craigslist (selling off stuff then used the money to buy new things), Ikea, Goodwill, and yardsales.
The chair I got from Goodwill for $10. It used to look like this....

Nice pink right? It was actually in really good condition, I almost felt it a shame to tear off all that clean fabric, but alas, mauve velvet would not do in my room.
The walls are painted Morning Sun, by Sherwin Williams. It is the perfect yellow, I swear. 
The fabric for the quilt, sheet, cribskirt, and changing pad I got from Sprightly Fabrics  on sale for $6.20/yard. Steal. It comes from Stitch Studios for Riley Blake, and the collection is called Marguerite. I love fabric. 
The chevron fabric came the the lovely Hobby Lobby.
The crib, sheepskin rug, curtains, lamp, and clock came from Ikea. Have I mentioned how much I hate/love Ikea? Well I do - we have an interesting relationship.
I made the big letter "H", well hobby lobby made the "H", I just hot glued Jute to it. Literally took me 6 hours to get all the Jute on there. Who knew? I already had the big frame, just painted it white. 
I got the vintage girls that hang above the changing table at a yardsale, along with the pot underneath the lamp and clock.
I already had the dresser/changing table from Avery's room - which I totally splurged on one day while "browsing" at Granny's Attic in Payson. Do not go in there an expect to leave empty handed, just a warning.
And I think one of my favorite last minute additions is the "Hush little Baby (no, seriously.)" picture. Thanks someone on Pinterest/Etsy.
So there you have it. A room gone from gross-chaos, to tranquil-sweetness. It is all ready for little Heidi; maybe she should take that as a hint to come this week. Wishful thinking, I know.