Monday, October 14, 2013

Chesterfield Crush

I have been dying to upholster something recently because I actually like doing it (in doses, if I did it all the time I think I would go nuts). I was scouring craigslist, because Goodwill has not been kind to me recently with their jacked up prices and their lack of things awesome, and just happened to come across a vintage chesterfield styled couch. They were asking $100 for it. I bookmarked it with hopes to convince Steve to let me get my hands on that bad-boy. About a week passed before I had the courage to bring it up to him, and to my happy surprise when I opened up my bookmark for that listing, they had lowered the price to $50! 

The next problem was, it is a couch. We don't have a truck, or a trailer, which is mostly the reason I have been doing chairs since my first couch. 

So I convinced Steve that we are awesome and can totally strap a huge 7ft couch to the top of our Ford Escape. Totally.
Thankfully on the morning we went to get it, it was a cool morning so our girls would not die of heatstroke in our A/C less car, and there was no wind, so that was nice. Also, huge plus, the couch was located about 7 miles or so from our house so the idea of transporting it only 7-10 miles seemed like something we could both swallow.

After about 30 minutes of heaving, and pushing, and tightening this beast on our car, we were ready to roll. I was really nervous about it, because Steve and I are not the most, how you say, handy people in the world. So the whole drive home I pretty much had my head out the window just staring at the couch to make sure it didn't budge. And it didn't. Turns out we are amazing. We looked like ghetto fools driving through the streets looking like this though...

Isn't that couch amazing??? It is in such great condition, so I won't feel all icky when I am tearing off fabric like its my job. I am not totally sure which direction I want this couch to take on, but I ordered about 10 fabric samples today from, so hopefully I can narrow it down soon and get to busy. 

One of my biggest worries about the couch is that I am going to fall in love with it and not be able to sell it. Its been a small dream of mine to have a chesterfield sofa. Shhh, don't tell Steve.

Sidenote: Truth. For about three days after the couch nabbing adventure, my entire body was sore from heaving that thing over my head multiple times. I am pathetically, pathetic.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Should Be...

I should be cleaning something right now, whether that be a bathroom or myself, but I decided to blog instead. Hooray for procrastination! I haven't done an update post in a while, so what the hey.

Steve is in the middle of his internship for school administration (you know, principle stuff), and is so super busy. He got super lucky and actually landed the Athletic Director position at his school this year and it just also happens to count as his internship. And although the amount of money this position pays as a stipend is seriously laughable, at least he gets paid something to do an internship, right? 

So he is busy teaching Spanish to adoring junior high students and supervising a million basketball games a week. I never see him. Its quite sad. But its just a phase and a phase that will bring positive change to our lives and hopefully open some doors for us. All good stuff. 

While Steve is off shooing kids out from under bleachers, I am at home with the two the lovely girls, trying my darndest to keep bellies full, diapers dry, underwear clean, and a floor free of fly-trap qualities.
I am also still our ward primary chorister. I have done 3 programs now. I think I am in this calling for life, and that is okay by me.

Lately I have also been passing the time by decorating... a lot. This week I decorated for Halloween for the 1st time ever. See?

That spider might be a little too "halloweeny" for me, but whatever.

When Avery isn't hiding from me so she can play with her poop in secret, one can often find her playing here:

She loves her tent, and has to have pillows in there to snuggle with. Pinterest win.
 She loves hats, and just generally wearing things on her head.
 She also loves books and just recently began allowing Steve and I to actually read to her again. So that's nice. She used to just quickly flip through all the pages before we could even read two words.
And of course, what 2 year old can't be found doing a lot of the above? If you know of one, don't tell me, I prefer to believe that Avery throws the exact same amount of tantrums as every 2 year old ever. Gets me through the day, ya know? 
I know I talk about her tantrums a lot, but she really is a sweet girl. She can often be found wiping up a spill she made, hugging her sister (yay!!), playing nicely with her dollhouse, being a great napper and "go to bedder",  brushing her teeth, helping unload the dishwasher, obeying me, giving me butterfly kisses, practices her letters and numbers, and just being generally adorable in every way. 

Heidi Sue will be 8 months old in a couple of days and brightens my day. However, she does darken my nights....the little stink still ofttimes wakes up at 2am. Ugh. I'm over it. I keep blaming it on her teeth, and that just might be a valid argument because just today I discovered her 5th tooth popping through. 
She also can often be found rolling all over the place (not crawling quite yet) and chewing on any shoe she can get her mouth around. What is it about the shoes?! So gross. She loves Avery and laughs at her silliness all day. She also really loves to eat, and her thighs are evidence of that, little chunker. 
I could just gobbler he up! Her cheeks are so squishy and seriously made for me to kiss on all day. 

And that is the Bell's in a I think I am going to go shower, or eat a cookie.