Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Result of Boredom

Lately I have been incredibly bored. Steve is going to ASU for his master's degree in Spanish and I never see him anymore. He is only taking two night classes, but on the nights he doesn't have class, he hides in his study room to read. So I am left to my own devices these days and I had some time to do a couple projects, which I will now show off.
Exhibit #1:
I made new curtains for the kitchen.
Exhibit #2:
I also made curtains for the living room along with some misshapen pillows.
Exhibit #3:
I bought a crib for the baby off craig's list (I made that quilt too...and I'm waiting for my seamstress mother to teach me the ways of binding a quilt.)
Exhibit #4:
Isn't SHE adorable? We found out this morning that it is definately a girl - which I knew all along, hence why I made the above quilt long ago. I think she has Steve's perfect nose, and unfortunately my ears, poor thing. I felt her move for the first time a couple weeks ago, and have been enjoying every single bump since; its bliss.
Next project: the nursery; bring on the pink!