Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around the House

As of late, I have been up to my nose in house projects. And Heidi has been up to her eyeballs in tooth pain, throw-up, fevers, and snot....lots of snot. Thankfully she is all better now, but she is a rough kid to handle when she is sick, I'll tell you that.
Those are what I call "sicky eyes"
Last week I finally finished stenciling the nursery, and it turned out awesome. It took me two weeks, and I may have carpel tunnel in my wrist and elbow, but it looks beautiful. Pictures to come soon when I do the nursery reveal in about a week or so.
I also did the curtains for the nursery which involved spray paint, and not so awesome results, but it was really cheap and it was the look I was going for, just don't touch them, okay?

I have had this wall in my living room where the art drove me crazy every single time I looked at it, and it is literally the first wall you see when you walk through my front door. Yesterday I finally solved my dilemma and made some art myself. I bought a cheap canvas from the thrift store, painted over the ugly painting and added some cascading black dots. I love how modern and updated that wall looks now. 

The wall is definitely still lacking a lot of art, but I feel like I am finally heading in the right direction, which feels really good when you think about design as much as I do. I have problems, I know.

I am also in the process up reupholstering a rocking chair for the nursery that I scored at Goodwill for $15. It is all taken apart, and I am hoping my fabric comes in the mail today. Here is a little sneak peak of the chair with the old fabric on....

Aside from doing projects, I have been selling off old furniture and replacing it with "new" old furniture like a mad woman. I am sure my neighbors all think I run a furniture business by now. I think I need to start attending a "furniture addict anonymous" group. Its that bad. But the fun part of it all is I usually come out making money on my furniture swaps thanks to good ol' craigslist and facebook groups. Speaking of facebook groups, yesterday I got the most perfect craft tables and chairs for my girls for a smokin' deal off of Mesa Consign.

Before I got these tables, the girls were using the piano bench as their coloring space, which was not ideal. And look how perfectly they fit in that weird little hallway we have leading to our guest room and pantry. I love putting wasted space to good use.

I have lots more projects to share, but they are mostly nursery related, and I don't want to spoil the reveal, so you'll just have to wait :).