Monday, March 23, 2015

The Sewing Bug

If any of you know my dear mother, one thing you probably know about her is her mad seamstress skills. The woman used to make wedding dresses for brides, countless prom dresses for her 4 picky (okay, maybe I was the only picky one) daughters, and the list goes on and on. As a child she tried to teach me the ways of clothes making, but I usually just got really frustrated with it and wanted to throw what I was working on into a fire. It wasn't pretty. So I gave up on clothes making altogether.

10 years later, my kind and thoughtful husband bought me a serger for Christmas. Seriously. I was shocked and felt like a spoiled little brat. So, to make myself feel like less of a brat, I decided I needed to put this thing to good use and really learn how to make clothes.

Easter is around the corner, so I decided I would start with Easter dresses. So I made this dress (and one for Heidi too, but I didn't photogragh it....poor Heidi).
I hated it. And still do. However, the pattern I used was really great and easy to use. (If you are interested it is called the Geranium Dress.) Because the dress was a pretty fun sew, I decided to start over with the Easter dress thing and put my own spin on the Geranium dress.

This time I added a peter pan collar, lengthened the bodice, and made the skirt all fluffy-like. I made one for both girls and am really happy with I decided to make another version of the addicting Geranium dress.

Then I thought to myself, "why stop with 5 dresses in two weeks? I think I'll make another, please!"
So I bought a pattern called the Cricket Dress from Brownie Goose.

This one is just begging for a belt, am I right, or am I right? Right? Right? Right? (Groundhog's Day anyone?)

Then I decided I needed to make myself a shirt. So I made a pattern out of a shirt I already owned, and called it a day....I may or may not have been living in this shirt for the past 5 days...not kidding.
Like how I cropped off my make-up-less face? ha! 

And just this morning, I found a new designer who makes children's apparel patterns, and bought this pattern  with hopes to whip up this adorable romper in the next day or so.

I think I may have some of my mom's seamstress genes in me after all - although I don't see wedding dressing coming out of my sewing room ever - I am honestly have SO much fun sewing for my girls. Who knew?