Saturday, May 19, 2012

I survived stripes!

I recently took on my first reupholstery project for someone. It was family so it wasn't as daunting, but even so, she chose the much feared "striped pattern". Aacck! I've never done stripes before, and on purpose. They have to line up perfectly through multiple cuts of fabric, and its scary. 
But I survived and learned that I actually can do striped patterns and live to tell the tale.

 Thing I also learned  this go around (yesterday actually) is "wear thick soled shoes in outside work area". Yesterday I was wearing shoes, but you know the kind with styrofoam for the soles? Those kind, and I accidentally stepped on one of these bad boys called a metal tack strip. 

Trying to remember the last time I had a tetanus shot......on the bright side, if I do get lockjaw, I will probably lose a few pounds, right?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Important Things

Here are some important things everyone should know about.
1. Avery is a mobile baby. Not a cellular device, in case that's what you were thinking. She army crawls. I was really excited for about an hour. Then I quickly realized my life just got a whole lot harder and we desperately needed to babyproof our house.
2. Avery is the cutest baby ever.
3. Avery learned some new tricks while Grandma Bell paid us a visit. (i.e. clapping her hands and throwing them up in the air like a little darling)
4. The little darling also learned that her finger fits just nicely inside her nose.

5. I had my first real Mother's Day. It was awesome.
4. Steve got me this curling iron for the big day (Goody Wave Creator $30 bucks at Target). And I love it. According to Stephen it gives me "ethnic" hair, whatever that means.Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron
5. I sold the floral chair I posted about a month ago. $270 (plus some custom made pillows for my buyer). Not too shabby.
6. Now I am working on this lovely loveseat for Steve's cousin. My FIRST job for someone else. Very exciting.Will post before and afters when I am all done.
7. I decorated Avery's helmet - and I am pretty sure it is awesome because a little girl came up to me yesterday in church and said, "I like your baby's hat." Then she ran away.



Sorry its kind of hard to see. I am 100% sure I have the worst camera in the world. 

I told ya this stuff was pertinent information you could just not do without. Until next time.......