Monday, January 30, 2012

Murder by Sugar

I was feeling really ambitious on Saturday, like I said. I decided to make a cake from scratch too, which I have never done before. I decided on this cake from the Our Best Bites gals.
Its called Carrot Cake Supreme, and I believe it is about 800 calories per serving. So like Kate said it so perfectly, murder by sugar (and butter...lots of butter!) I do not own a decent cake pan, so I changed that. I bought two of these bad boys. 100% pure aluminum and nice and thick for a big tall cake. I think my grandma would be proud.
Then the fun began. I completely destroyed my kitchen making this thing, but it was SO worth it. Fortunately, it is so rich that you can only eat one piece unless you want to get sick, otherwise I would be in a bad way over here. Here is how mine turned out. We had friends over last night to share in the indulgence, thats why there is a big chunk missing. Now lets gets a real close up to the gooey deliciousness.....
did I mention this is almost 800 calories and worth every one?

Crazy Ambition

Do you ever get in those moods, that last about a week or perhaps months, where you seriously have no motivation to do anything productive? That was totally me last week. I was in a serious slump. Mostly I blame Downton Abbey (the Masterpiece Classic series on PBS). I heard about this show while watching the Golden Globes a couple weeks ago and was intrigued. The last week Netflix decided to add the first season to their Instant selection. So I killed my curiosity and watched the first episode, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, and so on until before I knew it I had watched all 7 episodes! In a matter of two days. After the season was over I felt a void. Until I discovered the 2nd season is airing right now and the episodes I have missed this far are available to watch on Masterpiece Theater's website! So then, naturally, I had to watch the 3 episodes from this season to get caught up. Can you see why I have been a trite unproductive? That show is straight up addicting.
Anyway, like I always do when I have been seriously lazy, I started to feel like a loser and decided I needed to do something productive AND ambitious.
So a couple of months ago I was in Heber and found this couch at the Catholic thrift store that I LOVED. I was not in love with the fabric, but it was the shape of the couch that won my heart. Plus it was in great shape and only $30.
I convinced Steve to let me take it home so I could reupholster it. If any of my old roommates are reading this they are probably laughing. I tried to reupholster a couch before and NEVER finished it. The back of it I just couldn't figure out, so it was one of those couches that had to be up against a wall.
Anyway this time I got a little education about the subject under my belt. Not much, okay only about an hour. I went to a free Q&A class a month ago at Home Fabrics. So I have a little know-how, and the rest I will just figure out.
Saturday I decided to finally start this huge project. I bought the fabric and the tools and started to deconstruct that couch. Not even a quarter of the way done of just taking off the original fabric. I will probably be working on this sucker for the next few months.
Here is the before picture:
Potential, right? I hope so, because I am about to invest the next two months of my life to this thing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mini Photo Shoot

Last Saturday I hauled Steve and Avery out to the front yard to snap a few pics while the sun was going down.

Then our neighbor walked by with her three boys and offered to take a picture us. The sun was in our eyes, if you can't tell.

Then her cute two year old, Henry, begged to take a picture too. I think I like his the best. Very artistic.

Gotta take advantage of these sunny days where you don't have sweat glistening off your face, that's what I always say. Ask anyone.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Vacation Poem

I have so much to boast
but don't really have time to post
So here I'll try to catch up
Before Avery can spit up

We drove to Heber after the storm and snuggled by the stove to get warm
Cinnimon rolls were ate
not gonna lie I probably had eight

On the Eve of Christmas, waiting for Rudolph
We oft played the card game of Golf
As Sharla got the lowest score
Steve realized he needed to go the store
For he had forgotten to bring
The things for Ginger's stocking

Baby's first Christmas gift came not from the mall
Instead her awesome mom made her a little rag doll
And Ginger got the TopStyler
But took it back because it was a liar

Then off to St. George we went
to spend time well spent
With the Bell family clan
And also Steve' brother in law Dan

We saw dinosaur tracks and polygamists too
And ate food until we no longer could chew
Father Bell took pictures all day
I thought "cheese" would be the first word Avery would say

After a week of fun in the sun
It was time for everyone to run
New year's Eve was the day of travel
For us an adventure would soon unravel

We swiftly drove off to Vegas
and to me, it was not bodacious
We wanted to eat at a buffet
Since I had never been that way

They must have been serving gold
Because $35 per person is what we were told
So off to McDonald's we ate instead
And drove home to Mesa to sleep in our bed

The End.
(A happy girl and her favorite toy, oh and the rag doll is there too)
(The aforementioned Bell Clan)