Friday, June 29, 2012

Avery's 1st Birthday!

You know how after high school (or Junior High for you fast maturers) your birthday's just aren't quite the same? The magic is sort of gone? Well having children (or child in my case) brings back all that once lost magic tenfold. Yesterday was Avery's 1st birthday and it was so fun! I know she had no idea it was her birthday, but the whole experience was so fun for Steve and I.
I spent all morning getting ready for the party last night. Here are the final results.
It wasn't quite as festive as the pictures I had in my head, okay, not in my head, on my pinterest board....those people must hire party planners. Who actually makes cake pops, I mean, come on.
I did make Avery her own little cake, which turned out really cute.

The big cake was kind of a mess, but it was delicious, so who cares!

Then the real fun started....

She started off really timid, and as you can see it just progressed from there. She started just tearing the cake apart, not really eating it, just totally destroying it. I loved it! Steve was having an anxiety attack just watching the mess she was making. THIS is what I always want babies to do with their 1st bday cakes, Avery made my dreams come true.
Then she got showered with gifts from Steve and I, cousins, and friends. We had a houseful, it was so fun.
It really was a great day, I love being a mom to my little one year old. Just look at this face....
that is a party face.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fat Little Toes

Yesterday I decided to paint Avery's toenails for the first time. Her little fat toes look so darn cute in hot pink. Why haven't I done this before? 

 Yesterday she also learned how to close her eyes on purpose, and boy does she close them tight! 

I get the feeling she thinks she disappears when she closes them mostly because she closes them when I am trying to feed her vegetables.