Friday, July 13, 2012

4th of July Travelog

This year for the 4th of July Steve and I drove all over Utah, Idaho, and part of Wyoming. I was not too excited to drive that much with a baby who really doesn't love the car, but she actually did great. Good girl, Avery. We spent the 4th in North Ogden, UT (where Steve's parents live), and watched fireworks shows all across the Utah Valley from this awesome park with a huge hill. 

It was super relaxing, and COOL. Avery loved the fireworks too, which was fun. I love watching her discover things.
Then on the 5th, we drove up to Idaho Fall, ID to visit Steve's Grandma & Grandpa Thomas.

Steve's grandpa is one of the jolliest people I have ever met, I have a sneaking suspicion Steve is going to be just like him when we are old. Its a nice preview. Avery looks really happy to be on her Great Grandma's lap, doesn't she?
The next day, Steve and I broke off from the rest of his family and took a detour up to Star Valley, WY.  Does anyone else's husband's have an addiction to Google Earth? Steve definitely does and has been infatuated with Star Valley and wanted to see its beauty beyond the computer screen. So away we went, and it was seriously gorgeous. 
This picture was taken in Idaho, near Idaho Falls. It kind of looks like I am standing in front of a pond, nope, those are millions of tiny purple flowers. Steve saw that field and almost killed us as he squealed to a stop to snap some pictures.

This was just outside of Star Valley. Can you hear the Dixie Chicks singing "Wide Open Spaces" like I can?
Basically we fell in love with the place and want to move here, tomorrow. Granted, we visited this place in peak season, if we visited in the winter, we might have had a different take away.
Then we drove to Grace, ID to celebrate Steve's other Grandma's 95th birthday. It was an eventful trip, filled with lots of nasty fast food, but lots of wonderful family. I declare it a successful trip.