Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Daddy Comes Home

Can you tell she likes to wrestle with her daddy? She is turning into a daddy's girl, big time, and who can blame her, she has a way awesome dad. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'll Have Another, Please.

I always feel a little redundant when I post the same thing to facebook as I post to my blog - but double dipping is better than no dipping, I say. This news is a little delayed due to the fact that I have had zero motivation to blog - but we are having another baby! And not just any baby, another little girl!  I was seriously in shock for about three days after we found out it is a girl, I really, really, really thought there was a little man in there, but not, not so. So naturally Steve and I already named him, and have been referring to "him" by this very manly name for about two months now. Sorry darling baby, we will name you something super girly and adorable to make up for my bad motherly intuition. 
I have bad motherly intuition, and Steve has bad wife intuition. He thought since we are having another girl, I wouldn't have much to prepare/buy/paint/sew/etc. Wrong. Way wrong. Apparently I am crazy, but I am totally decorating another nursery. Goodbye office, hello adorable nursery, inspiration courtesy of the one and only pinterest. I can't wait until I am all done with this room. I have already bought the perfect fabric that I am itching to create a quilt, cribskirt, and changing pad cover with. See said fabric. 
(don't see poor picture quality)

Girls are so much fun. I was getting excited thinking about doing a boy nursery - but once I found this fabric all those boy nursery fantasies swiftly took flight out of my brain. I even bought a chair to reupholster at goodwill last week for $10 smackaroos. I feel great, our baby girl is healthy and lively (I might add), our little girl Avery brings tremendous joy to our lives,  and I have lots of ambition, what more can a pregnant woman ask for?