Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Actual Update

In most cases, I usually don't blog about what is actually going on in our little life, so I figured I would change it up a bit. Steve and I are embarking on our journey to homeownership. We are finally getting to the last stages of buying a house - we close escrow on November 24th (the day before Thanksgiving....its going to be a crazy weekend). After trying to buy a shortsale, waiting four months and still not even being close to having approval, and losing out on a couple houses we really liked, it is such a relief to finally be seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. Pardon the cliche. We absolutely love the house we are buying - and are so glad none of the other houses worked out. Its got a front porch (an absolute MUST for me), a big front and back yard that is irrigated, hard wood floors, crown molding, four bedrooms, three baths, and an adorable kitchen. Granted, the house is old (1956) and has some really weird quirks, like no hallway light, or no outlet in the masterbath anywhere, but we love it and are excited to make it our own.
Now we just need a refridgerator, washer, dryer, and a new couch. Black Friday? We are terrified at the thought. I don't want to get murdered over a fridge!
Our new home!

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  1. Love the pics of your house! is my address...send me yours & I'll send you an invite!!!