Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Result of Boredom

Lately I have been incredibly bored. Steve is going to ASU for his master's degree in Spanish and I never see him anymore. He is only taking two night classes, but on the nights he doesn't have class, he hides in his study room to read. So I am left to my own devices these days and I had some time to do a couple projects, which I will now show off.
Exhibit #1:
I made new curtains for the kitchen.
Exhibit #2:
I also made curtains for the living room along with some misshapen pillows.
Exhibit #3:
I bought a crib for the baby off craig's list (I made that quilt too...and I'm waiting for my seamstress mother to teach me the ways of binding a quilt.)
Exhibit #4:
Isn't SHE adorable? We found out this morning that it is definately a girl - which I knew all along, hence why I made the above quilt long ago. I think she has Steve's perfect nose, and unfortunately my ears, poor thing. I felt her move for the first time a couple weeks ago, and have been enjoying every single bump since; its bliss.
Next project: the nursery; bring on the pink!


  1. Oh ya, I forgot you made that quilt. Okay, Okay I take all my commets back about "you know, that you made that quilt you are going to have a boy." :) Sorry. She is going to be beautiful, with a beautiful quilt and crib!

  2. Your house is cute Ginger. Congrats on the baby girl! She will be adorable. (And fun to dress might I add)

  3. Congrats! I am so excited for you! Girls are so much fun! I love all of your work and your home looks beautiful! I will have to come to your when I am looking to redecorate! Love it!

  4. Hey I saw you at my dad's party and wanted to say something but didn't:( So happy that you get to join the mommy will never be the same:) And yes...I too need some decorating tips:)

  5. Your house is super cute! Love it. Congrats on the baby :)

  6. I finally am catching up on all the blogs and just love your new house and all you have done. So happy for you and your little girl that is coming... the crib is so nice and the blanket so sweet. Didn't get up to Heber for the shower, but have stuff for ya.