Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sisters and babies

This past weekend we travelled up north (through rain and snow!) to go to Kim's newest baby's blessing. It was terrific - I got to see all three of my sisters in one place. Who cares about my bros =). The most amazing thing about the trip is I took pictures! I never take pictures of anything, besides the rooms in my house, so I am quite proud of myself. Kim's baby girl, Cassie Mae, is as cute as babies can be. Just holding her makes me yearn to meet my little baby - I just hope she can hold a candle to Cassie. Those Gardner kids will make us all look ugly!

Cassie Mae - Gardner #3

Blake - Gardner #2 (see what I mean? He looks like a porcelain doll!)

The happy family

Me, wishing my baby would come already!

The original Williams girls

Favorite quote of the weekend.

Me: "Mama, did you spank your kids?"

Mama: "No, I didn't make a cake."

Oh, to be old and on the brink of senileness....


  1. Ginger, I am laughing really hard right now. "No, I didn't make a cake" Haha that was so funny. I tried not to laugh when she said that. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. :) Oh maumau

  2. aw! cute girls. it's good to see you guys all together.

  3. As ALWAYS you girlies are gorgeous its been WAY WAY to long since I have seen any of you! I Miss you guys! Like CRAZY. I didn't even know Kim was pregnant! Man that's sad. I wish I could make it up to your shower. But my Aunt Melissa is going through the temple for the first time. Anyway- Hope all is well with you and that growing baby!!