Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trying not to make this a photo blog of my baby...

I'm discovering how very difficult it is to fight the urge to show off my baby at every moment, to everyone! I don't want to jam it down your thoats - but my baby is cute, dang it! Just when I think the "newness" may be wearing off, she changes or does something new. So here is my official apology for all the ensueing pictures that revolve solely around Avery. I'm a little camera happy these days, which is kind of a big deal for me, since I usually take a couple pictures per year. Some recent happenings for us - Avery's blessing was last Sunday, so we had family in town, which was fun. Steve did an amazing job on the blessing, I'm so thankful my mother-in-law wrote it down as he was giving it. That will be fun for Avery to look at when she is older; its fun for me too since I have a horrible memory. (My primary kids can attest to that, I forget the words to the songs I am teaching on a weekly basis, its embarrassing.) Some pictures from the big day......
The Little Dress

The Little Hands The Little Feet The Little Baby

And some more pictures because, lets face it, I just can't stop myself from posting them!

I LOVE this one - she was in the middl eof a yawn, but she just looks crazy cute!

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