Friday, December 2, 2011

One Giant Roll Forward for Mankind

Yesterday Avery went from being a toothless, immobile little baby, to the proud owner of one adorable tooth (does it count if I can't actually see white yet, but a super inflamed pointy gum? Who cares, I'm calling it a tooth!), and completely capable of rolling over! She grew up so much in one small day. I am a little nervous about the said tooth since I'm still nursing the darling girl, but I am stoked about the rolling over business. I have been waiting for this day for MONTHS, really I thought she would roll over at a month old. Silly me. What do I know about babies? Just learning as I go here. I try to do a few minutes tops of "tummy time" everyday, even though the child seriously detests being on her belly. A minute is about all she can handle before she starts screaming her head off. So, doing some fun tummy time last night, one second I'm looking at the back of her head, the next I'm looking at her smiling face. It took me about 10 seconds to realize she rolled over. I'm not the quickest, especially at night. She did it so elegantly (yes, my baby is elegant) and smoothly I didn't even notice she moved. It was as though she has been rolling over her whole life. A natural. She was so proud of herself, it was so cute. Although I didn't snap any pics of her in action rolling over, I did take some pictures today in our backyard that I can't help but post.

Good gracious I love this girl! I wish there was some way to keep her this little forever and not feel guilty about depriving her of living her own life. I guess we'll just have to keep having more babies =)