Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boring Post....

Before the month of October slips away for another year, I thought I would share what we Bells have been up to lately.
We started off the month by spending a week with Steve at home for fall break. We played a little and worked a lot. Our focus was the nursery for the babe coming in January. We had to turn a functional room (our office) into a nursery, so finding a place for everything was a little hard with our small house, but we got it done. Now I know why my parent's room always seemed so cluttered growing up - our room has become our office slash bedroom slash homework room slash a mess. 
I will do a reveal post of the nursery once all the pictures are hung and every stitch is in place....which will be pretty soon because I have TIME. Another exciting thing that happened in October was I officially stopped working from home. Yeah! Although I usually only worked 2-3 hours per day (during nap times),it seemed like that was all I did. Now that I can dedicate that time to projects, it has been amazing to me how much I can get done. I am just whipping through my to-do list, its pretty great. 
Steve is still working on his master's degree for school administration. He's a champ. He works all day teaching snot nosed kids, goes to class a couple nights a week, does homework, is an amazing help to me with Avery, makes me feel pretty and loved, and looks incredibly handsome while doing all of said things. Like I said, a champ.
I am still pregnant. Go me. 27 weeks now and feeling pretty good.  This isn't exciting probably to anyone but me, but the wee one's head is DOWN which means I will most likely be able to do a VBAC this time around...which frightens me a little, but I am trying to avoid having to have all of my kids via c-section. Crossing my fingers.
Avery is finally walking! 16 months old and just starting to realize she is a biped. I was so impatient; she literally wouldn't even try to walk for a long time, but she finally came around, just in time for trick or treating. Good girl. She is also starting to say words that we haven't taught her, which means this mama needs to start cleaning up her language. Hey, we all have our weaknesses, alright?
Kind of a boring post, sorry. Hopefully some cute pictures will make up for it?
                                                       Learning to smile for the camera....
                                                        She usually makes this happy face.
                                         Had to capture this cute moment at the Dewitt Farm hay maze
       She still has this weird infatuation with running around with something bigger than her head in her mouth.
                                       Avery LOVES belly buttons, and Braxton LOVES Steve. Perfect.
I got her hair in pigtails, she was killing me with her cuteness!


  1. She is killing me with her cuteness too. The picture with Steve and Avery is beautiful! She is getting so big.

  2. Posts are never boring when you write them. You crack me up! Cute little family and I can't wait to see Bell #2...

  3. I love boring posts. Steve is totally a champ. And I love Averys pig tails!