Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lesson in Patience

I am now 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and not exactly happy about it. I apparently have a womb of steel and this little lady inside of me is way too comfortable. I have been 70% thinned out for four weeks now with absolutely no progression - its hard not to be depressed and grumpy. What makes this so much worse is if Little Miss doesn't come on her own by the time I am 41 weeks (heaven forbid I make it to that point) I will most likely have to have another C-Section. That was not the plan, at all. 

I am naive and not really great at researching or asking my doctor questions, so all along I have just assumed if I made it to my due date, I would be induced. Not. Turns out when you are attempting a VBAC you cannot be induced because the Pitocin causes too much stress on the uterus and it is too risky. I got that news last week, and was a little floored. I hate being taken by surprise like that.

I am trying to stay positive by hanging on to the hope that I may go into labor on my own before next Tuesday, and also trying to accept the fact that I may not, and may end of with another C-Section delivery. It makes me really sad to think about the C-Section, not because it was that horrible with Avery because it really wasn't, but because if I have two C-Sections that will be the only way I can deliver from now on and I will never have had a baby. 

It might sound dumb, but I feel like I will be missing out on something if I never deliver a baby normally. I'm just having a hard time accepting what is. Praying for strength, patience, and mostly faith. 


  1. Good luck with everything Ginger. I know that the Lord cares about the details & about your feelings about this. Hope things go the way you want them to. Can't wait to see your new addition!

  2. Henry was a week late as well. I had to be induced. It was really disappointing because Synnova came 4 days early, so I was never expecting to go over. That last week with Henry was the worst!!!! I feel your pain.