Monday, October 14, 2013

Chesterfield Crush

I have been dying to upholster something recently because I actually like doing it (in doses, if I did it all the time I think I would go nuts). I was scouring craigslist, because Goodwill has not been kind to me recently with their jacked up prices and their lack of things awesome, and just happened to come across a vintage chesterfield styled couch. They were asking $100 for it. I bookmarked it with hopes to convince Steve to let me get my hands on that bad-boy. About a week passed before I had the courage to bring it up to him, and to my happy surprise when I opened up my bookmark for that listing, they had lowered the price to $50! 

The next problem was, it is a couch. We don't have a truck, or a trailer, which is mostly the reason I have been doing chairs since my first couch. 

So I convinced Steve that we are awesome and can totally strap a huge 7ft couch to the top of our Ford Escape. Totally.
Thankfully on the morning we went to get it, it was a cool morning so our girls would not die of heatstroke in our A/C less car, and there was no wind, so that was nice. Also, huge plus, the couch was located about 7 miles or so from our house so the idea of transporting it only 7-10 miles seemed like something we could both swallow.

After about 30 minutes of heaving, and pushing, and tightening this beast on our car, we were ready to roll. I was really nervous about it, because Steve and I are not the most, how you say, handy people in the world. So the whole drive home I pretty much had my head out the window just staring at the couch to make sure it didn't budge. And it didn't. Turns out we are amazing. We looked like ghetto fools driving through the streets looking like this though...

Isn't that couch amazing??? It is in such great condition, so I won't feel all icky when I am tearing off fabric like its my job. I am not totally sure which direction I want this couch to take on, but I ordered about 10 fabric samples today from, so hopefully I can narrow it down soon and get to busy. 

One of my biggest worries about the couch is that I am going to fall in love with it and not be able to sell it. Its been a small dream of mine to have a chesterfield sofa. Shhh, don't tell Steve.

Sidenote: Truth. For about three days after the couch nabbing adventure, my entire body was sore from heaving that thing over my head multiple times. I am pathetically, pathetic.


  1. i love that you have the right eye to do all of this decorating and upholstering! (i loved your bedroom transformation!!) i, unfortunately, do not have that gift. i have talents, but that is NOT one of them and my poor house has been undecorated for the past 4+ months since we moved in. i dont even know where to start... you should come to florida and decorate for me :)

  2. I've been frustrated with Goodwill lately too! You really are so talented. I can't wait to see how the couch turns out!!!

  3. I would keep the couch too. I love it! I always knew you two were really Ghetto;-)