Friday, April 4, 2014

The Day I Got a Little Scissor Happy

I was so bored today. It happens. So to kill said boredom, I decided it was the perfect day to give Avery a much needed haircut. I thought about taking her to a salon, but figured, "Hey if I mess it up, I can just have the salon fix it. Win, win."

Feeling a false sense of capability and a very real sense of ambition, I turned on some Daniel Tiger, gave her her own spray bottle to play with, and had a secret stash of jelly beans for when she would get squirmy.
It is a tangly mess like this most days. Super uneven and always in her face. I was a little nervous that once I cut off the bottom few inches, those beautiful curls would be gone forever. That's just sad.

See how stringy it is on the bottom? That needed to be fixed, STAT.

After about 30 minutes of pretending I know how to cut hair and a handful of jelly beans later, here is how it turned out. (I flat ironed her hair because her little curls were doing some funky things with this new cut)

I sort of really love how she is pouting here.

 Backside. A little uneven and crazy, but good enough where I don't feel the need to take her to the salon for am emergency fix. :)

I have always loved bob haircuts on little girls, and Avery is no exception. (I did, however, mess up on her bangs, just a smidge, so for the next several weeks, those naughty bangs will be pinned back).

After I got done cutting Avery's hair, Heidi was still sleeping, the scissors were still out, and methunk, "Hey Self, why stop here, how about you cut your own bangs while you're at it." 
After watching a quick youtube video, I suddenly felt like a licensed stylist and before I knew it I had hacked off about 6-8 inches of hair. Bam. What's done is done.  

I am less than enamored with my new look, but whatever. 

Boredom was successfully murdered....along with my hair.


  1. Oh ginger you kill me, i think her hair is adorable and yours looks good to. Pretty impressive. I cut all 4 of the boys hair one day and it was not great but hey they are boys. ernie cleaned it up for me and now he knows its just easier to do himself. haha

  2. You did a great job! Synnova's hair has curls on the bottom and it helps hide any mistakes.