Monday, September 29, 2014

Bizarre to Best

Yesterday was super weird for me. After I finished singing time at church, I went to pick up the girls from nursery and they had the bubble machine going full blast. Looking at all the bubbles floating around made me extremely dizzy, almost to the point of blacking out. So we got out of there ASAP. Then I noticed a headache coming on.
By the time we got home, I slumped down at the kitchen table and tried to talk to Steve, but literally couldn't form words, much less sentences.
I started laughing because what was coming out of my mouth was total gibberish, then I started crying because I felt confused and frustrated. Steve was more than a little freaked out, so he walked me to bed and brought me some lunch. While I was eating lunch in bed my right hand went numb and my headache worsened. At this point I realized I was having a migraine. This was only the second one I have ever had in my life, and they are strange and painfully awful, I might add.
The migraine substantially subsided after Steve gave me a blessing and I got a little nap in. Then the rest of our Sunday afternoon was bliss.
In my book "Bliss" equals spending quality time with my family, while simultaneously relaxing, and being outside in perfectly comfortable weather.
In case you are wondering, this is what it looks like: (sans Steve, he was taking the picture obviously)

Heidi was cracking us up. She looks so comfortable with her little body strewn across the berm like that, doesn't she? 

I guess we did try to get one of the whole family, but it really just turned out to be Steve's head making Avery look like she has a giant man head. The thought that counts, right?
After the mosquitoes chased us me away we went for a jolly little stroll around the neighborhood where there were still plenty of mosquitoes to be found, go figure.
Yesterday day certainly had a weird and rough start but it ended so perfectly (as long as we aren't counting Avery's tantrum right before bed, which we aren't). It gets me so excited for more long term cooler weather. Only in this blasted Valley do we ache for the winter to get here already, its so backwards.


  1. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. Hopefully those dumb migraines will stay away from you from here on out!

  2. I don't know how I missed this post. Um - that sounds like you had a stoke! So scary. Glad you were able to recognize what it was and that it went away. Love the blissful pictures outside.

  3. You all look so cute laying there on the grass. What is the berm for?