Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brief history, sort of.

I'm sick today and home from work and seriously I decided to create a blog that no one will read! Yeah! I mean its pretty much assumed that once you get married (check!) you will and must create a blog (check!). I just want to fit it, is that so bad? Steve and I are pretty much the most intersting people we know, so consider yourself lucky to find yourself reading the words that are currently pouring out of my brain. It seems entirely appropriate to give a little background info on Steve and myself (for those of you who are strangers and stalking our blog). So, interesting story, Steve and I met at a party! We know, very unique "meeting story" but as cliche as the situation was, it was the one day that changed our lives forever, so its a pretty big deal for us. Thanks Andalyn Baum for moving away and having that going away party, cheers. Another interesting story, we dated, got engaged (on a beach, i might add), and we got married about four months ago. I "saved Steve from a life of lonliness", at least that's what Steve's parents wrote in their Christmas Letter. Poor almost 30 year old Stephen. That is our very brief history. Presently, we are very happy individuals, despite living in the getto and getting our car broken into, getting our wallet stolen at the local video store...okay I guess those are the only getto worthy incidences we have had, but I seriously doubt they were the last.


  1. miss ginger,

    i am the first to right on your blog. I think you should write a book of short stories. you are a great writer and very creative!

    tiffany w.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your little blog... you blogger, you! Once those babies (notice the plural) start coming you will have PLENTY to blog about... so just start practicing while life is so boring, my dear... you will see, you will...

  3. Haha Ginger hurray!! I love reading what is in that brain of yours. Now was aunt Donna's comment supposed to be suggestive? Or did I just read that wrong? Love ya,

  4. the right arm? you better not give me any more grief about my blog name now...

    but i am very pleased to see you finally giving in and pouring out your soul to the masses.

    p.s. sorry about your wallet :(

  5. No babies yet, if steve would let me I'd be pregnant with triplets right now...because I can control that.

    Rebecca, just so you know, missy, The Right Arm is a phrase my husband frequently, and I mean frequently uses, and he is quite thrilled I named our bog after it. What's your story, eh? Mrs. Grip the Wheel?