Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rubber Sole Surprise!

Today my husband came home from throwing away some garbage in our complex, like usual he looked like he just threw up. (Some background info: our trash receptacles, nice word I know, are beyond disgusting. Breathing while throwing something away in is not recommended or safe.) But today he seemed to have an elevated level is disgustedness on his face. Apparently he was bravely approaching the dumpster when he felt his foot land on something soft and slippery. After slipping, he regained his balance to determine what had caused this unexpected disturbance in his equlibriam (sp?). The culprit? A dirty, poopy diaper. He came home with some baby's poop on the bottom of his shoe. I was no help whatsoever, mostly because I was laughing so hard. I'm not sure what is worse, stepping on a poopy diaper, or on a dead squirrel. Yes, I have stepped on a dead squirrel. It was squishy and I did scream. That happened about three years ago in Connecticut durng my nanny days and I can still vividly remember what that stupid squirrel felt like under my thin shoe sole. Its was horrible and tramatic, obviously. Oh the things we step in....or on.

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