Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steve and I were parents of a 4 year old girl for about 2 seconds a week ago. Though brief, I think we learned a lot about parenthood in that time.
We were in the dairy section in wal-mart, strolling along, chatting about how mad I was that wal-mart had the audacity to run out of 2% milk.
In the midst of my rant about wal-mart,suddenly there was a little girl, holding on to our cart with one hand, like she belonged to us.
She must have wandered away from her mom, by basically walking backwards and just assumed that any cart near her was her mom's. Rookie mistake.
We didn't want to startle the poor thing when she realized we were in fact not her mother - so I cleverly said to her "We're not your mom! hahaha!"
Then she ran away.
Thank you little girl for teaching us not to let our unborn children latch on to other people's grocery carts.


  1. haha. you're kind of evil. laughing at the poor girl. i can't believe walmart ran out of milk either. i would have been so mad! i love that steve goes grocery shopping with you, though. i make mike go with me quite often... and i usually feel guilty about it. like i'm incapable or something to do it on my own. but i feel better now! ahah.

  2. I heard once that everytime you laugh at a small childs misfortune you lose a tiny piece of your soul. Just saying.