Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Only a Year?

September 5th was our yearmark...feels like more. Was there really life before marriage? Seems like a vague, distant memory. At any rate, its been a fun year and I feel like a lucky woman to be the wife of my husband.
In celebration of our year of a happy marriage, we went to Sedona to relax. Or so we thought. We high centered Steve's Civic after about twenty minutes of being in Oak Creek Canyon. Stupid concrete that has a foot drop off! They have horrible roads in Oak Creek Canyon - lucky for us, we stumbled upon a nice mexican family who had a jack and put some nice big rocks under our front tires and pushed our car out of the mess we made. Crisis kind of avoided, I mean we still had a crisis, just not for very long. We high-tailed it to our hotel shortly thereafter and snuck into the Hilton's pool, like we are so good at.
Here are some pics that no one cares about but us.


  1. oh ginger i care about them:) I had no idea you had a blog, i just stumbled across it a few days ago when i was being very bored and wasting all my time on blogspot! haha, congrats on one year:)

  2. oh look at you with your cute little collage. congrats on one year. married life is a good thing :)

  3. I LOVE pictures!! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your first anniversary!! It is fun being in the same stake so I get to see you from time to time!! :-)

  4. Mammie, I FOUND you! I can't even tell you how tickled I am to have found this little treasure, I am already loving your quiet sarcasm in the posts I've stalked so far, makes me miss you! Married life looks like it's treating you well :)