Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy Ambition

Do you ever get in those moods, that last about a week or perhaps months, where you seriously have no motivation to do anything productive? That was totally me last week. I was in a serious slump. Mostly I blame Downton Abbey (the Masterpiece Classic series on PBS). I heard about this show while watching the Golden Globes a couple weeks ago and was intrigued. The last week Netflix decided to add the first season to their Instant selection. So I killed my curiosity and watched the first episode, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, and so on until before I knew it I had watched all 7 episodes! In a matter of two days. After the season was over I felt a void. Until I discovered the 2nd season is airing right now and the episodes I have missed this far are available to watch on Masterpiece Theater's website! So then, naturally, I had to watch the 3 episodes from this season to get caught up. Can you see why I have been a trite unproductive? That show is straight up addicting.
Anyway, like I always do when I have been seriously lazy, I started to feel like a loser and decided I needed to do something productive AND ambitious.
So a couple of months ago I was in Heber and found this couch at the Catholic thrift store that I LOVED. I was not in love with the fabric, but it was the shape of the couch that won my heart. Plus it was in great shape and only $30.
I convinced Steve to let me take it home so I could reupholster it. If any of my old roommates are reading this they are probably laughing. I tried to reupholster a couch before and NEVER finished it. The back of it I just couldn't figure out, so it was one of those couches that had to be up against a wall.
Anyway this time I got a little education about the subject under my belt. Not much, okay only about an hour. I went to a free Q&A class a month ago at Home Fabrics. So I have a little know-how, and the rest I will just figure out.
Saturday I decided to finally start this huge project. I bought the fabric and the tools and started to deconstruct that couch. Not even a quarter of the way done of just taking off the original fabric. I will probably be working on this sucker for the next few months.
Here is the before picture:
Potential, right? I hope so, because I am about to invest the next two months of my life to this thing.


  1. oh my word. i forget how different we are. i can't stand a project that lasts longer than an hour. good luck with this one... i can't wait until it's done, though! what an awesome project.

  2. I love the couch. Good luck! We took our couch apart and then caved and hired someone to finish it. What color fabric did you choose?

    1. You'll just have to wait and see! I was able to borrow an pneumatic (sp?) stapler from a friend today, so hopefully the project goes quick now.

  3. Cant Wait to see what you did with this! I want to revamp an awesome couch like that! maybe this year!