Monday, January 30, 2012

Murder by Sugar

I was feeling really ambitious on Saturday, like I said. I decided to make a cake from scratch too, which I have never done before. I decided on this cake from the Our Best Bites gals.
Its called Carrot Cake Supreme, and I believe it is about 800 calories per serving. So like Kate said it so perfectly, murder by sugar (and butter...lots of butter!) I do not own a decent cake pan, so I changed that. I bought two of these bad boys. 100% pure aluminum and nice and thick for a big tall cake. I think my grandma would be proud.
Then the fun began. I completely destroyed my kitchen making this thing, but it was SO worth it. Fortunately, it is so rich that you can only eat one piece unless you want to get sick, otherwise I would be in a bad way over here. Here is how mine turned out. We had friends over last night to share in the indulgence, thats why there is a big chunk missing. Now lets gets a real close up to the gooey deliciousness.....
did I mention this is almost 800 calories and worth every one?

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  1. I used to make homemade cakes until I realized that the box kind turned out better. I think it was just my baking because yours looks so delicious.