Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Done and Done

Holy cow. I feel amazing. I finished it, a few hours ago, and it turned out great, in my opinion. The "it" I am referring to is "this" couch. Remember?
Time for the big reveal. "That" couch is now..."this" couch!
Pretty great right?
So I learned a couple this (actually LOTS of things) during the process of reupholstering this couch over the last month.
1. I LOVE reupholstering. I thought I might hate it because the task was so long and daunting; but really I enjoyed it, a lot.
2. I don't just love reupholstering, I love creating and making ugly things pretty. It is crazy fulfilling.
3. Sewing box cushions is really hard, can I just say that? Yes, I can. Hands down, hardest part of the whole shebang. Just saying.
4. I'm addicted. I want to do this again. Soon, real soon. SO....I have dreamt up a game plan. I kept thinking in my little brain how cool it would be to make money doing this, seeing that I had so much fun and all. Game plan: sell this couch on craigslist. Take profit from said couch and invest in PROPER tools for reupholstering (no more manual staple gun - seriously need a pneumatic one). And here is the best part, SHOP for gently used furniture. That means, yardsales, thrift stores, craigslist. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my yard sales and thrift stores. As a job? How incredible would that be? So the key word up top there was "dreamt". We'll see if anything comes of this - but I'm going to give it a go!
(I currently have my ad up on craigslist, and let me tell you, I feel lame. If feels weird trying to sell people on your product, I feel downright cheesy.)