Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break, Baby!

These are the days that I love having a teacher for a husband, the BREAKS. Spring break, fall break, christmas break, summer breaks. Lots of breaks - its awesome. It would be even more awesome if Steve still had all those breaks and we were living off more than a teacher's salary, to, you know, actually vacation.
So, this spring break, we pretended to ignore the teacher salary thing and go on a not free vacation (meaning not just going to Heber to visit the folks and call it good). Although we did go to Heber, we also went to the beautiful town of Greer, AZ and spent the night in a cute little cabin, went on a few nature hikes, cozied up next to the cute little fire in our room, and ate some expensively good food. I call that a real vacation. Plus Steve got to go fishing THREE different times - so needless to say (but I will) he was a happy guy, even though he literally didn't catch a single fish.
Behold, our travelog pictures......

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  1. I love cabin vacations! We rented a cabin in the Smokey's and loved the cozy feeling you get next to a fire. Looked like fun!