Saturday, May 19, 2012

I survived stripes!

I recently took on my first reupholstery project for someone. It was family so it wasn't as daunting, but even so, she chose the much feared "striped pattern". Aacck! I've never done stripes before, and on purpose. They have to line up perfectly through multiple cuts of fabric, and its scary. 
But I survived and learned that I actually can do striped patterns and live to tell the tale.

 Thing I also learned  this go around (yesterday actually) is "wear thick soled shoes in outside work area". Yesterday I was wearing shoes, but you know the kind with styrofoam for the soles? Those kind, and I accidentally stepped on one of these bad boys called a metal tack strip. 

Trying to remember the last time I had a tetanus shot......on the bright side, if I do get lockjaw, I will probably lose a few pounds, right?


  1. wow! stripes do look super daunting. but you did an awesome job. you are amazing. and it's not too late - please go get your tetanus booster... :P

  2. Once again an amazing job! I am so impressed. I agree with Rebecca. You can get your booster for FREE at the county health office.