Monday, May 14, 2012

Important Things

Here are some important things everyone should know about.
1. Avery is a mobile baby. Not a cellular device, in case that's what you were thinking. She army crawls. I was really excited for about an hour. Then I quickly realized my life just got a whole lot harder and we desperately needed to babyproof our house.
2. Avery is the cutest baby ever.
3. Avery learned some new tricks while Grandma Bell paid us a visit. (i.e. clapping her hands and throwing them up in the air like a little darling)
4. The little darling also learned that her finger fits just nicely inside her nose.

5. I had my first real Mother's Day. It was awesome.
4. Steve got me this curling iron for the big day (Goody Wave Creator $30 bucks at Target). And I love it. According to Stephen it gives me "ethnic" hair, whatever that means.Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron
5. I sold the floral chair I posted about a month ago. $270 (plus some custom made pillows for my buyer). Not too shabby.
6. Now I am working on this lovely loveseat for Steve's cousin. My FIRST job for someone else. Very exciting.Will post before and afters when I am all done.
7. I decorated Avery's helmet - and I am pretty sure it is awesome because a little girl came up to me yesterday in church and said, "I like your baby's hat." Then she ran away.



Sorry its kind of hard to see. I am 100% sure I have the worst camera in the world. 

I told ya this stuff was pertinent information you could just not do without. Until next time.......

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  1. I love that the little girl called it a hat. So sweet. It is very pretty now.