Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All about Steve...I mean Heidi

This past weekend was a memory-maker. Friday night Steve's parents drove down from Ogden, as well as Steve's sister, Becky, and her family, for Heidi's blessing.
On Saturday night we all went to a Diamondbacks game. It was fun, but a little challenging at times with a crazy "almost" two-year old and a nursing baby. Poor Heidi, every time the crowd cheered or booed she cried because it startled her....so pretty much the entire time we were there :) 
We made it to the 8th inning and Avery just couldn't handle it anymore, so we decided to leave. At that point the Diamondbacks were behind by 5 runs, so we didn't think we would miss much. Literally 5 seconds after we left the stands we heard the crowd going wild and realized we had missed the D-backs only homer that game. Come to find out it was a pretty exciting game after we left, D-backs only lost by 1. Of course.

Then on Sunday, Heidi was blessed (obviously...actually not so obviously, our bishopric pretty much forgot we were doing it that day, but it worked out :))
Steve really gave a beautiful blessing. While he was blessing her and talking about her life, I just kept thinking about what a wonderful woman Heidi is going to be someday. I love being a mom to these little ones, but can't wait to see them grow to become great women of God.


  1. Your girls are beautiful. And you look great! What a cute family. It made me smile to hear you talking about your girls growing to become women of God. I feel the same. I don't get sad that Kylee is growing up. I love seeing who she is becoming!

  2. I'm in shock that you braved a dbacks game. I guess that's why I'm a party pooper. Heidi looked absolutely darling on Sunday. I'm so glad we could be there.