Monday, April 29, 2013


Last Monday was a great day. It sort of looked like this.
Give or take a few tantrums.
The next day looked more like this:
This was one sick girl. At the peak of it all her underarm temperature was 104.9. You better believe I was freaking out! Her heart was beating a million miles per minute and her breathing was weird. I took her to an urgent care, and of course when I get there her temp had dropped quite a bit and I felt like an idiot for taking her there. Hey, but at least I had a little peace of mind that she wasn't dying.
She had three straight days of a fever of at least 103 underarm. Then on day four she broke out into a crazy rash all over her body. At that point I googled her symptoms and I am 99% sure she had a virus called Roseola.
I felt so bad for her. You can just see on her face above how miserable and out of it she was. I also learned being almost 2 is a horrible age for a sick child....for my sake that is. She can communicate with me, but obviously our communication line is not perfected yet, so I wasn't sure what she wanted most of the time, but she was very persistent. She knows what she wants and doesn't want, for that matter. i.e. me taking her temperature every hour, giving her medicine, putting cooling rags on her head feet and hands, eating, drinking. Pretty much she didn't want anything to do with anything that she needed. She was combative and out of control when I would take her temperature and give her advil. Rough few days, but all is well here. 
Now we are just back to the regular ol' tantrums and I couldn't be happier :)
Okay, maybe I could be a little happier with the absence of a few tantrums.....


  1. oh my gosh - i would be freaking out too! poor little thing. glad she is okay.

  2. ugh!! so sorry!! van had that a couple months ago! its so scary! i am a crazy overprotective mother and slept on the floor by his crib because i was so freaked out by the high fever and weird breathing.. and then the rash. its heartbreaking to watch them go through it! glad she is feeling better!