Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Avery Dear!

So I have a two year old. Actually I have a two years and 1 month old (I am a little behind on my blogging duties, like a lot behind). Avery was lucky, she got to spend her 2nd birthday in Utah surrounded by adoring cousins, it was really cute how much they all cared about her opening presents. She loved all the attention. I will probably say this every year until she turns 7, but her 2nd birthday was way more fun than her 1st. She was so dang cute I could hardly stand it.
Playing Outside before the par-tay

She even got to go swimming on her big day

Center of attention and loving it

I was pretty excited as you can see

Cousin Love

Her main gift was a pram from the 60's. You better believe we packed that thing all the way from Mesa. Playing tetris as a kid for hours on end was time well spent. #lifeskills

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