Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Living Room Redo

A couple of months ago I woke up one day and decided I hated my living room. So I changed it. The end. And I am really happy with the end result. We pretty much changed everything but the carpet and my ever-so-trusty-white-couch. Here is how it looked for a couple of years....
Coordinated, but dark. I feel like that green chair and ottoman sucked all the light right into their deep cushions. So the first step to a new living room was to sell that bad boy on craigslist! I knew I wanted a much brighter room, that was a lot more interesting. More colors, textures, patterns, etc.
Here is the make-over...

This project was proof to me that if you don't like something about your house, change it! (within means of course :)) If money is the hold-up, get creative! This room only cost around $300. That's paint (2.5 gallons to be exact), a brand new chair (the gray one) from Ikea, curtains ($15 at the amazing Ikea),  the chair I reupholstered (blue and white chair), new ottoman ($25 find on craigslist), fabric for said ottoman ($2.50 coverlet find at goodwill), paintings (also thrifted), fabric for pillows, knickknacks (again, thrifted). Can you tell I like thrift stores? I also had a garage sale where I literally almost sold ALL of my old decorations. That helped a ton to front the cost. 
Moral of the story: be brave, and get creative, and don't be afraid of a white couch. (Bleach is your friend)

***Side note: My living room is never really this clean. Don't believe this lie of cleanliness I have presented to you. I most definitely threw all of the "kid stuff" in my kitchen for the 5 minutes I took these pictures. Baby swings, bumbos, play-mats, play-tents, and about a million toys my toddler drags from room to room were not really adding to my funkshway.
***Side note again: Steve seems to think this is how our living room will be forever now. I don't have the heart to tell him I will probably get the itch to change it again in a couple months years.


  1. lies. when ever i enter your casa it's pristine. and soo flippin cute!

  2. Very, very cute and impressive.

  3. wow. you really did change EVERYTHING. thanks for taking pictures!!! i love the paint. and i love everything. i need you to help me with my collages. they always end up in a square. i feel like our couches suck the life out of our room too. but i'm too scared to go white or even light!! just like your clean room is a lie, white couches staying clean is a lie too!!