Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Numbers

ZERO cavities at Avery's 1st dentist visit.

ONE beautiful baby girl added to our family.

TWO glorious braids. FREEEEEEEDOM!!

THREE visits from Steve's Utah abiding parents. (3rd visit not pictured)

Our FOUR legged friend was kicked outside permanently for bad, bad, bad behavior.

FIVE chairs reupholstered


SIX fish caught identical to this one (or maybe just one, Steve would love it if 6 were the real number)

SEVEN adoring cousins at Avery's 2nd birthday party.

EIGHT teeth grown in, and they are sharp, trust me.

My NINE months of pregnancy (plus one week, don't forget the extra week!) came to a blissful end.

TEN million tantrums thrown by this little lady

ELEVEN inches of hair chopped off to save my ever loving mind

And just last night TWELVE amazing hours of solid sleep from Heidi Sue. This pretty much made my year, and just in the nick of time, the last day of 2013.

It really has been a blessed and wonderful year, filled with lots laughter, a few tears, and an incredible amount of love. Here's to reigning in another great year. Watch out 2014, here we come!


  1. You must have just chopped your hair. It looks cute! and I am so happy that Heidi slept through the night!!! Finally!

  2. super cute post. the tantrums were my favorite. and awesome chairs!!!!!