Monday, February 10, 2014

Heidi's 1st Birthday!

I know this is one of the most cliche things a mother can say, but seriously how is my baby already a year old?! I feel like I just had her (you know, minus all the pain, stitches, and general misery).

Having a big party is a definite must for my kids' 1st birthdays, because kids are a big deeeeeal! Toy R Us reference, anyone? Anyone?

I had a lot of fun decorating our house for Heidi's you can see below.

On top of decorating I sort of obsess over making the birthday cake. I made a tiny little one for Heidi to destroy and also a big one for all the guests to eat. I would be lying if I said I didn't make THREE practice cakes the weeks leading up to the big day to test recipes and decorating techniques. I am a freak, I know.

I finally settled on a pink ombre chocolate cake for Heidi.

She totally hated that hat.

At this point I decided to ditch the hat for fear of her snapping her face off with it.

 "Happy birthday dear Heidi, happy birthday to you-oooo!"

 Avery quickly decided she needed to settle in, right in front of Heidi's cake and help her eat the frosting.

 This is my favorite.....

Heidi (and Avery) did a pretty good number on this cake.

Heidi was one spoiled girl. The aftermath of tearing open presents (again, Avery decided it was her job to pretty much open all of Heidi's presents, she was too quick!)

 Heidi's main gift from Steve and I was this tiny little bike. I think this picture says it all. Winning!

Some facts about Heidi:
  • She can stand up in the middle of the room (walking is just around the corner for her I think)
  • She says: "Hi" "Mom" "Dad" "Puppy" "Heidi" "Thank you". The cutest is when she says her own name because she sort of sings it.
  • She loves to: swing, pet the cat (when he is feeling daring enough to get close to her), push her walker around the house, be rocked, blow kisses, give slobbery kisses, turn the TV on an off at really annoying times, be tickled (she has the best laugh ever), pull her sister's hair when riding in the double stoller (classic little sister), throw balls and chase them around, snuggle with her blankie, crawl as fast as she can to her daddy when he walks through the door, fake cough and sneeze, be dang adorable.
  • She weighs 21 lbs, and is 31" tall.
  • She is super duper loved.


  1. She is adorable! And I love the cute birthday decorations. You are very talented, my dear. :)

  2. I feel like you just had her also. And you are a freak for all your cake-making. But you are a fun mom for all your party hoopla :) And she is dang cute! I can't believe she says so much too!

  3. You are so creative. I love the pictures in the laundry basket. So cute! Heidi is a lover. Happy Birthday!

  4. How fun Ginger!! Love the big 1 made out of the photos, so creative! Also LOVED the month to month baby pics in the laundry basket! Cute idea. Great job mamma!