Saturday, February 22, 2014


I remember the good 'ol days when I used to upholster for extra money to go on dates with, decorate with, and just generally spend on whatever I felt like. But no more. Stupid Obama. Nowadays I have a different motivation to upholstery, it starts with and "insur" and ends with an "ance". Bleh. And bleh again.
So I have been pretty busy lately trying to supplement our income this way. I'll be honest, its a lot of blood sweat and tears for not a lot of money, but its what I can do from home, still be with my wee ones, and help out in a small way with the bills. So for now, I will count my blessings that I have the skills to pay the bills. Ha!
My latest project was actually a favor I did for a girl I used to visit teach. This was the chair she bought off of Mesa Consign.

The fabric she chose was a dark brown corduroy she found for $5/yard at Home Fabrics (steal!). When I found out I was going to be working with corduroy, as you know a pretty heavy fabric, I was so glad I had bought my new sewing machine about a month ago.

There were many, many points during this project that I was sewing through 8 layers of corduroy and this machine didn't even flinch for a second. With my old machine I probably would have broken several needs and my stitches would have been erratic. It was fun first project to use this machine on.

After about of week of stealing time here and there, I finish her chair.

She has plans to use it in her, hopefully near future, nursery. 

And before I could catch my breath from this project, I am on to the next....

Isn't this an adorable couch? I am using a beautiful, but neutral, fabric on this and can't wait to show you the finished product. This one I will sell myself and hopefully make a good chunk of change. Wish me luck because this couch is 90% sewing! Ack.

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  1. I think it is great you are doing what you love. I bet you could charge more. You do an amazing job!