Friday, March 21, 2014

IKEA Treasures

It is no secret that I have an IKEA addiction. So much of the furniture in our home is from IKEA - its hard to beat great style and affordable prices, but I am getting ahead of myself here.
About 6 months ago I bought these vintage teal dining chairs, from an antique store, without Steve approving them (a big no, no.)

 and he has barely tolerated them but allowed me to keep them because I thought they were so adorable. Then we discovered the wheels were denting up our extremely soft "hard" wood floors. That was a deal breaker, even for me. So I have been on the hunt for new captain chairs for a little while now.

The other night we took a family outing to IKEA and Steve and I both saw these chairs and they caused us to BOTH pause and say, "hmmm, those might works just wonderfully." (and they are no longer $129, they are $79 at IKEA these days by the way).
Ikea Tobias chair  what we want for the dining room.

Steve was 100% ready to impulse it and buy the two chairs then and there, you know, just drop close to $200 bucks on chairs, no big deal. Aack. No way.
Still in love with the sleek and modern design, I decided to check craigslist and had a stroke of luck. I found two nearly brand new Tobias chairs (the ones pictured above) for less than half the cost. I bought them from the nicest pregnant lady, so that was doubly nice.

Just as a refresher, this is how I styled our dining room when we first bought our house over three years ago....

I love how our dining room (room? haha, more like an "area" but I can be delusional if I want!) has evolved from where I started. These chairs really modernize the room and make it feel so updated and fresh.

Although we didn't impulse buy the Tobias chairs at IKEA the other new, we did. however, impulse this cool circus tent.  It is so hard not to spoil your kids, because it is so dang fun to buy them things they love. And Avery and Heidi both love this tent. 

I made an A-Frame tent for the girls last summer, but Avery never really like it because it wasn't completely enclosed, and she couldn't stand up in it. Our entire family can squeeze in this thing together, even Steve's big lanky, handsome body :) No buyers remorse here!


  1. What a great deal! Love the chairs. I would love to go modern but have no idea where to even begin. Your house is amazing.

  2. Who doesn't love IKEA? And you never cease to amaze me with the deals you find!! I do miss the teal that the other chairs added to your kitchen, but I do love the new chairs. Super fun tent!!