Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome Summer!

In our house, the season of "Summer" is usually not greeted with a smile and open arms. For the past several years summer has meant Steve working long, very hot days, spraying pest control. As a result I am  usually stuck in the house all day, because it is insanely hot in this place we call the Valley where literally, life should not exist, but I digress. I spent so many summer days and nights alone waiting for Steve to come home from a very tiring day, and once he was home, he would pretty much eat dinner and sleep, just to do another 10-13 hour day the next day. Not the happiest of times.
This summer, however, has been very different, so far, in the best way possible. Steve is not spraying pest control this summer, instead he is teaching summer school for 5 hours a day Monday through Thursday. Can you say, hello quality family time!! It has been amazing, so much so, that I don't even mind the blistering heat, seriously.
We have big plans for this summer, which include, but are not limited to, 2 camping trips, 1 trip to Ojai California, 1 trip to Disneyland, 1 trip to Utah, and whatever the heck else we feel like doing. Its pretty fun to actually enjoy the summer like all teachers and their families should.
^^^This is how Avery feels about this Summer too....mmmmwah!

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  1. i totally forgot about that little blessing in your life right now. that is so awesome and i'm super excited to hear about all your adventures! i hope you're feeling good btw!