Sunday, June 29, 2014

In Case You Haven't Heard...

We are expecting and found out last week that it is a BOY! I am around 17 weeks and am due on December 6th. We found out what the gender is earlier that most people generally do because I am super impatient and decided to pay $50 for an ultrasound to specifically find out the gender. I just had to know and now. 
I really felt like it was a boy, I even had a dream it was a boy (and so far I am 3 for 3 with my dreams being correct with the gender thing), but I was mentally prepared for it to be another girl, which would have been fantastic too.
I love this gestational age because you can get the best profile pictures. Isn't he a cutie??
As soon as the ultrasound tech positioned her little wand on my belly and stopped moving, I knew. I knew it was a boy. Steve was oblivious and dealing with our girls, the tech hadn't said a word yet, so I tapped him and said, "Steve....its a boy, its a boy." I think I was in disbelief for a few days after...that is until I started designing a little boy nursery. Now it feels real :)

I recently have been obsessed having a lot of fun with creating mood boards, and it is super easy with Powerpoint. Here is the concept i have come up with for our little man's abode.

If I love his room half as much as I love this mood board, when it is all finished, I will be totally happy.  I also have a plan to do it on the cheap as well. For instance, the rug is a bunch of $7 rugs from Ikea that I am going to whipstitch together. I already have the crib. I am currently on the hunt for a cool mid-century dresser like the one pictured. I have ordered the wall stencil for the upper half of the walls (to get that  wallpapered look). I am going to dye my own fabric for the curtains The rocking chair. Um, ya,  I am not going to get that exact chair but I like the color. That chair is like $1700, crazy right?? I am hoping to find a vintage recliner-rocker that I can reupholster.
And since we are adding a little one to the family, that means Avery and Heidi will need to share a room, and you know me, of course I have to redesign their room also. Here is their room's mood board:

Their room will be fairly simple to do. I already have all the furniture and the tent, I just need to stencil the walls, make curtains, make some fun but simple bedding, and buy a rug...okay that sort of sounds like a lot, but to me the hardest part is finding all the furniture and that is donzo. 
Lots to do, but this is my most favorite type of "lots to do" in the entire world, so I don't mind one bit.

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