Thursday, February 12, 2015

Little Love Seat

I finished the love seat I was working on last night. It was a new record for me. I completely upholstered it in one day. I was able to do it so quickly because it was really straight forward, and most importantly, I didn't have to sew a box cushion for the was lovely.
Here are some fun before and afters.....

Its are really pretty color, which was a huge sigh of relief because I bought it online without ordering a sample first. Always a risk, but it worked out well for me this time. 
We really need a really bad. Three carseats in the back of a Honda Accord is not ideal - in fact its driving me bonkers. BUT minivans are expensive and things are just generally tight in the whole financial realm of our lives. So I am going to try this upholstering thing (once again) to try and help us save up for a nice down payment on a minivan. I've got my next project piece all lined out to purchase tonight. Its a couch, and it will not be a one day project, not even close, but couches are the money makers.
Here's to hoping the above loveseat sells fast!


  1. You did a beautiful job! I absolutely love the color.

  2. Love it as always! Call me crazy, but I kind of liked the old fabric. Although that new color is gorgeous. I don't know how you fit 3 car seat in the back of the accord. I could only fit 3 in my truck and it was big. Good luck with the van. You will love it!