Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Campout

This past weekend my family had their annual family camping trip at Turkey Springs. It was good times, and great weather. I love when it rains up north - whereas when it rains in Mesa it just becomes hot and muggy instead of just hot. Anyway, Steve is a "faithful" mate drinker, meaning he drinks it at least twice a day, and camping is not an exception to miss out on this daily ritual. Mate is a drink from South America, its a dried herb that smells like hay. Basically he heats up some water, pours some mate in the bottom of a french press, pours the hot water in, and compresses the leaves to get all the flavor out, adds some sugar and he's in heaven. Not a typical camping drink, I mean who brings a french press camping? My family got a kick out of it as well - mostly because he brought the mate in a plastic baggy so it suspiciously resembled a nice little stash of marijuana. It caused quite the controversy. Between my brother announcing to my family that "Ginger and Steve are in mom's trailer drinking marijuana!" and my oldest neice coming into the trailer to see steve sipping, and come to the terrible conclusion he was breaking the word of wisdom by drinking tea, I think we'll leave the mate at home next year and save ourselves some explaining.

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