Saturday, July 31, 2010

Haircut Test

Growing up, my mom always cut my dad's hair. So, I just figured after I got married I would cut my husband's hair and he would be ever grateful I wanted to provide this service to him. Not the case. Something about the fact that I have never cut a single head of hair in my entire life made Steve a little nervous. After almost a year of my begging him to just "let me try" I finally came up with a fail proof plan, that I am surprised I didn't think of earlier. About a week ago he started talking about wanting to buzz his hair instead of going to Fanastic Sams to save a few bones. So I smartly suggested that he let me try to cut his hair first, and if it turns out to be a wreck, he can buzz it like he had already planned to do. To my delight, he reluctantly agreed. We bought some scissors, and some new clippers, and I got to work! Turns out I am an awesome hair cutter. He was shocked at what a fantastic job (where's the faith?) I did and didn't even have to buzz his head. Needless to say, I am quite proud of my new found skill. He insisted on not wearing a shirt during the process, and wouldn't even let me put a towel around his shoulders. So by the time I was done, he had thousands of hairs pretty much glued to his skin. Oh-la-la!


  1. what? it took a year!? you lived in my house for like only 2 months and i let you cut my hair. you did an awesome job on mine too. definitely a born stylist...

  2. Oh yeah. I totally forgot you let me trim your hair! You're so trusting. I guess I wasn't as inexperienced as I thought...although there are some "slight" differences between your's and Steve's hair.