Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tribute to Sugarland

Disclaimer: If you happen to read this blog, and also happen to like may not want to read this post. I'm not exactly saying that anyone who likes Sugarland has horrible taste in music, but mostly I am. I occasionally listen to county music while I can only take so much of 99.9, so any change is welcome. Last week I hear the new Sugarland song and my entire world is just rocked! Not at all because this song is awsome, quite the opposite in fact. It is called "Stuck Like Glue", and the best way I can sum this ditty up is this: country meets Blacked Eyed Peas meets reggae meets Mary Poppins meets the beginning of that new Train song. So basically Sugarland is going through a sincere identity crisis that Steve and I truly get a kick out of.....we've been listening to it so much this weekend we're probably going to end up liking it if we're not careful. Here is a really homemade youtube video some 14 year old girl made of the song.....listen to the whole song and you'll see what I mean.


  1. blah. there, i blogged. and i even got inspiration from you. kind of. anyway, thanks for the laugh tonight. my life is complete now that i've heard that song.