Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brutal Honesty

On Sunday I had the opportunity to find out I was subbing for the 4 year old class during sharing time...lucky for me it wasn't my Sunday to do singing time (yes, I am STILL serving as one of the choristers for primary, this will be my third program, crazy!).
I was quickly reminded how brutally honest 4 year olds are. For instance, I was telling the riveting story of Angel Moroni visiting a young Joseph in his bedroom when one of the boys raised his hand. I pointed to him and said, "yes?" "Umm, I want to talk to a little bit now, okay?" Then he told me all about The Hulk, which really helped emphasize my story, ha!
Heidi was a little darling and slept the entire time, up until the last 5 minutes. So naturally, when she woke up they were all really fascinated by her. "What's her name? What's her name?" they chanted. "Her name is Heidi." Then one girl matter-of-factually said, "I don't like that name." Okay then. Nuff said. Oh to be young and have no regard for anyone else's opinion but your own....

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